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3 tips that may help you sell your Ohio home faster

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Real Estate Law

More people are choosing to sell their homes without the services of a realtor. A top reason for this trend is to save thousands of dollars in payments to the real estate company or agent.

Selling real property without a realtor can be challenging because you will put in the legwork your agent otherwise would. However, with a few tips, you can overcome the odds and sell your home, potentially without the process taking an unduly long time.

Take good photos

In most cases, the first time a buyer sees your home is through online property listings and real estate websites. That means the photos you take should showcase the home’s best attributes. When taking pictures, remove your personal items and photograph the property as if no one lives there. Ensure it is clean, clutter-free and has well-groomed grounds.

Respond to all inquiries

Make responding quickly to all phone messages, letters or emails from those who inquire about the property a habit. You cannot always judge a person’s interest level through their written or spoken words. Some parties may not seem serious about your home, but responding to all inquiries may improve your odds of making a sale.

Be available to show the home

It can be inconvenient to drop what you are doing to show someone your home. Still, being unavailable for impromptu viewings could reduce your pool of interested parties, as many will move on to the next property. You can schedule viewings, but you might also want to consider accommodating reasonable out-of-hour requests.

You face risks when selling your own home, including financial loss through real estate buyer fraud. Protect yourself with legal guidance and knowledge of Ohio real estate laws to reduce those risks.