Michael Samuels provides legal services to FSBO and other real estate clients in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio.

FSBO: Get The Legal Help You Need To Do It Right

The real estate market is notoriously complicated. And working with a real estate agent is not always the best way to sell your house; real estate sales commissions are out of whack for the amount of work the agents actually do.

For sale by owner (FSBO) is an option. But should you do FSBO on your own? The answer is no.

There are so many legal components to selling a house, and it is nearly impossible to navigate without a professional’s help. I am Cincinnati attorney Michael Samuels. I can help you sell your home without a legal hitch, allowing you to focus on whatever’s next.

Working with a real estate lawyer like me, and forgoing a traditional real estate agent, can help you save money, without the pressure and confusion of navigating the legal steps.

What Can I Do For You?

Your house is likely the largest asset you have, so it is crucial you handle the sale with the utmost care. One of the most effective ways to do this is to hire a real estate lawyer.

Hiring me can help you prevent legal mistakes and also save you money. For a flat fee of $2,000, I can help you with many different matters during the sale of your house including:

  • Drafting contracts, deeds and other necessary documents involved in the sale
  • Reviewing contracts and other documents to ensure all are compliant, lawful and fair as well as inclusive of your interests
  • Answering questions and providing negotiation advice

For an additional $250 fee, I will attend the closing if it is within 50 miles of my Cincinnati office.

My firm and service is designed to help you sell your home efficiently and in a timely, economical manner. In the end, the amount of money you save from not having to pay a real estate commission is substantial.

Let’s Get Started

You can find out more about me, my practice and just how I can help you sell your house by contacting my office in Cincinnati today. Call 513-838-1268 or use my online form to set up an appointment with me. Let’s change the real estate industry, together.