Michael Samuels provides legal services to FSBO and other real estate clients in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio.

How To Sell, On Your Own

Selling your house by yourself is often a better option than using a real estate agent. But for sale by owner (FSBO) is not simple. There are a lot of tricky steps involved in the process. If you make a legal mistake, it could put the sale in jeopardy.

But hiring a real estate attorney can help make the process simpler, and easier to understand. The right lawyer can handle the legal end, leaving you free to focus on the future, and what’s next for you in real estate.

What Is The Process Of Working With Me?

When you work with me, Michael Samuels, I strive to make the process straightforward and simple for you. I work with FSBO clients in the Cincinnati area and throughout Ohio.

Below is an outline of what you can expect from me when selling your house:

  1. After you contact me, I will explain my services and send you an engagement letter with all the details.
  2. If you sign the engagement letter, my services will cost $2,000 upfront.
  3. Next, I will provide disclosure forms for you to fill out (detailing any hazards, nuisances, maintenance issues, etc., in your house)
  4. We can discuss and decide on a price, as well as how to market your house.
  5. When you find a buyer for your house, I will prepare a purchase contract and we can complete the information together.
  6. After you send the contract to your buyer, I can advise you on negotiation (but I do not negotiate directly with the buyer).
  7. The home inspection is conducted. After the inspection, I can include any necessary addendums to the purchase contract.
  8. If the previous steps are successful and the process goes to closing, I will prepare the deed and settlement statement, as well as communicate with the title company for you.
  9. The closing: for an additional $250 fee, I will attend the closing if it is within 50 miles of my Cincinnati office.

In addition, I can help you if any disputes arise at any point during or after the process. My goal is to help you sell your house in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Working with me can help you ensure your legal bases are covered and the paperwork is handled, giving you the freedom and cost savings of forgoing a real estate agent.

Get In Touch And Learn More

Contact me today to find out more about this process and how I can help make your real estate experience simpler and more cost-effective. Call 513-838-1268 or use my online form to set up an appointment with me today.