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3 important staging tips for those selling a home

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Real Estate Law

Those listing a piece of real property for sale typically want as much as they can get for what could be their most valuable asset. Choosing the right time to sell a property based on annual buying trends and the overall market is important, but so is the way that the seller presents the property to prospective buyers.

Staging is the industry term for making a property look as appealing as possible during open houses and tours. There are certain staging tips that can help sellers potentially maximize how much they receive from buyers when selling real property. What are some of the best staging tips that have the biggest impact on a seller’s success?

Minimize the presence of the sellers

The first and most important rule of staging is that sellers want buyers to visualize themselves at the property. Therefore, they do not want the buyers to think of the sellers when walking through the home. Removing family pictures and the majority of personal property will be very important. Less is generally more, even with furnishings, as open space may help buyers better see the potential of the property.

Prioritize high-impact spaces

A buyer is unlikely to look at the condition of the paint job inside the closets, but they will inevitably notice the appearance of the front stoop, the condition of the kitchen and the atmosphere in the master bedroom. Kitchens, entryways, main living spaces and bathrooms are the spaces that should see the most cosmetic investment and effort during staging because they are where buyers will likely focus their attention.

Neutral and bright are good starting points

While there is certainly something to be said for a single piece of brightly colored art to draw the eye across the room or an accent wall to break up the space in a very open floor plan, dramatic and bold colors may feel less welcoming to would-be buyers than neutral tones. Softer and neutral colors will generally make the space seem larger and more inviting. These rules are useful for both painting the space and selecting the furnishings used to make the home attractive.

Employing the right techniques when staging a property is one of many important considerations for those seeking to obtain higher offers when listing real property for sale.