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What disclosures do I need to make when selling my home in Ohio?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Real Estate Law

Make no mistake, selling a home involves a lot of paperwork. The process becomes even more tedious when you take the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route. This is because you will be responsible for every step of the sale process, and this can be draining. 

If you are planning to sell your house without a realtor in Ohio, it is important to understand what you can disclose to the prospective buyer and what you do not have to disclose to them. 

Here are some of the disclosures you need to make when selling a home:

The original sales contract

If you bought the home from another party, then you likely have a copy of its sales contract. This contract specifies the terms of the purchase, the date as well as the sale amount. This disclosure gives the prospective buyer an idea of the homeownership history. 

Home repair and maintenance records

Like a vehicle, homes require routine maintenance. And home repair and maintenance records allow the prospective buyer to take note of all the work you have done on the home while you owned it. They also let the buyer know the current state of the home as well as any repairs they will need to make when they acquire the property. 

Still on repairs and maintenance, Title X requires you to disclose all known hazards such as lead-based paint in the home if it was built before 1978. 

Home insurance records

You want to be as transparent as possible regarding the status of the home insurance payments. Are your insurance premiums up to date? Basically, this will give the buyer an idea of what it will cost them to insure the home. 

On the same token, it is important that you disclose any liens on the property. 

Safeguarding your interests

Selling a home can be a taxing exercise. Learning more about Ohio real estate laws can help you protect your rights and interests when selling a home on your own.